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So, here it is….

I have a few older blogs… most – I have failed to continue posting in. Hopefully, things will change with this one. This blog is a place for this plus size gal to rant, bitch and maybe even rave about things I find while dropping the weight I’ve acquired over the last few years.



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In the last month, lots has happened!

Rhonda decided to finally give up on Hermann, Lilly and Eddie. She brought their cage and all of their belongings, and had a few minutes of visit with them. I started looking for a new home for them, so that when they are ready, I will have the perfect person. Right now, they are still skiddish around hands, which is going to take more time. I had them in the tent yesterday, and they all took a minute to be on me, then went about their business, playing, coming back every few minutes to see if I had any treats for them. Hermann still enjoys a good cuddle – as he will ball up in my hand and peek out ever few minutes.

Lucy – my sweetest girl, finally bit me for the first time in her 3 year life span. Hilarious enough, it was the pinkie on my left hand that she got hold of. She did it because I was doing her nails, and she didn’t want me to do them. Well, it’s either i do the nails or you go to the vet young lady! I tell you what, those teeth she has, were VERY sharp!

Lyric Muse and Rhyme are all together in one big cage now! I did intros shortly after my last post, and they went fabulously! Rhyme was so happy to have friends again. He still chirps and greets them both, every single time he can see one of them. Lyric is too sweet for his own good. he loves chin and cheek rubs. I can pick him up without too much fuss, and put him in my bra for sleepy clicky time. Muse is still coming around a bit, and will come to me for a sniff and treat but not much else. Her scar is still very apparent, so I’m still sure she won’t be growing any fur there ever again.It’s funny though, because when she is just sitting there, it looks like she’s been folded in that spot. Silly girl!!!

We decided that they will stay here permanently. They are up there in age, and already have had such a rough streak of luck. They need solidarity, not flip flopping.

As of now, I am sitting in the glider’s room, with a Lucy in my bra, fighting her off of my coffee mug. Today is cage cleaning day, and I have some new plans for cleaning toys. I hope they work. LOL. It involves the dishwasher, mesh linen bags and some dish liquid.

Wish me luck and HAPPY GLIDING!




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La Dee Daaaa :)

Hello cricket chirps! LOL

(I know people really do read here, but I can’t help tossing in some sarcasm)

All has been pretty well around here. Everyone gets along really well, which makes me incredibly happy! 🙂

   A few months back, I picked up a cheap little cat climber, at a local mom N pop thrift shop. I know anyone else would have tosses their eyes at it, but I saw some potential there! It’s short enough that it can go into the tent with me and the kids, but still big enough that they all have room playing on it. It took some patience to fix up, but after carpet tearing, some minor repairs and fabric, I think I did the thing some justice! I fell in love with it once I saw it in the store, and once again, when i fixed it up. I am loving the two tones of color!!!! 🙂

When I found it at the thrifty placeAfter I got done

Like I said, it was a bit of work, but I love it. I think i may even display it in the livingroom, since it matches the sofa. I think i may add some white silk flower vines to the black poles though, since they look so plain. I think something like that would girl it up a bit, too.  I think the kiddos will like it. 😉


I got to see some familiar noses the past week and a half. Meeko and Rikku! Leslie had to go out of town on a family thing, and I got the honor to see my sweet lover noses! They are still the exact same way that they used to be, belly rubs, Meeko trying to put his whole mouth over my fingers, Rikku being sweet as usual, and both outgoing as ever.



Leslie was telling me how she will take their pouch in her bedroom, close the door, and nap with them. They lay in their bag on her stomach, Meeko wraps is hands and feet around her thumb, Rikku wraps herself up and they nap together. Cracked me up!

It was a very big relief knowing they were in such great hands, and that I had found the perfect home for them. She is such a great glider mom, which is more than I can say for another couple that I rehomed gliders to a few years back.

My friend Ellen called me one night a couple weeks back, to ask if I recognized a couple of gliders, who had matching scars. She had just picked them up and the people didn’t give her much information at all, other than they got them from a local rescue a couple years back…

After some picture sharing, letting her know their quirks, and comparing where the people lived, we pretty much concluded that this was my pair, Sarge & Stewie. Ellen said that she had taken them from a pretty nasty place. I was really shocked to hear this, considering that when I rehomed them, the apartment was very nice. Even on my post adoption checkup, they were great. She said all their stuff was covered in insect casings, and stunk really bad. The cage was covered in crap, and they toys were pretty much, unforgivable.

I am so glad Ellen got them and not someone else. These guys are so sweet, and I know she is enjoying them, and them her. I am looking into legal action, as I still have their contract. They have not returned my phone calls or emails thus far, and I am a little… peeved…

On another brighter note – I cleaned cages this past week. Oh joy… LOL – the colony is a bucnh of clean freaks…. 7 in one cage and the water was barely discolored. The boys? PFFFT forget it! I had to refill the bucket twice and there are only TWO in there! I tell you what, these two are ALL boy!!! LOL

Anyways, off here, gotta get stuff DONE! LoL!!

Happy Gliding!


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Life, Rewritten…again…

Hello glider people!

*listens to the crickets chirping*

A month later, and things have gotten much better around here. Sal stayed on his diet, and as of Tuesday the 22nd of May, his Kidneys were functioning at 55%. That was his final Dialysis day, and the HemoDialysis catheter was removed on the 25th. It is still healing, but we are excited, as this means no more waking up at 5am. He will still need to stay on the diet for at least one more month – to make sure things are all clear.

The new Nephrologist believes that Vancomycin is what did it. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic (much like Clindamycin). He believes that yes, the kidneys were already slow from fighting a horrible cold thing, but being so, he doesn’t think that his kidneys already shut down on arrival. He believes that Sal had an allergic reaction to the Vancomycin.

We were just getting used to the new schedule, and now, we have to go back to the REAL normal (whatever that may be) and go back to life. I can start sewing again, and he has the energy and willfulness to do his paintings.

As for the gliders, everyone is still great! The musicals are almost ALL gray, giving some leeway to their resistant staining. Lyric will now come out and hang out with me, without freaking out. Rhyme was really anti-social before, but now he comes to smell my fingers, hands and arm and to take a treat. The only place he crabs now, is in his bag.

So far, no more seizures and even Muse is packing on the pounds! I don’t think her scar will ever grow fur again, as it is VERY bald even after a few months. Who knows, maybe that will change and surprise me!

Anyways, that’s all I have for now!

Happy Gliding!!!


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Crazy. Ass. Month.

There, I said it, LoL….

I won’t give the step by step details since that would take way too long but here you go:

The past 30 days has really taken a toll on us here at home. Later in the morning after I posted the previous blog, Sal got sick. He spent a few days with what we thought was a cold (caught from me) and all of a sudden, he woke up on the 20th and said he needed to go to the emergency room. He said he wasn’t feeling right, and felt like he was going to pass out and couldn’t breathe right.

We got in the car and to the hospital, where he was admitted right away. When we first got there, they took ABG’s and X-Rays to see what the hell was going on. Before we knew it, we were headed up to ICU on the third floor. They said he should have been dead already. He was severely dehydrated, had pneumonia and influenza – A all in one big ball of oshit. He was on a BiPap machine, to help his breathing a good portion of the time.

We sat there a couple of days – waiting to see what else they were going to do, while we waited for answers on what was going to happen and if he was going to be discharged. So many different answers… ugh…

After four days and more ABG’s – a nephrologist came in to let us know why we were still there. Sal’s kidneys weren’t working. Right away, we both died a little. The nephrologist wanted to do a biopsy, which required him to go to a whole other hospital. We get to the other hospital (which he was supposed to be admitted to when we got there, but shit wasn’t communicated how it should have been so the ambulance people drove him back to the other one while I followed in my car.)  – they do the biopsy, which a few days later shows that his kidneys have Acute Tubular Necrosis.

Pretty much, the little tube shaped filters in his kidneys died, so his body was keeping the toxins and letting the good stuff go out. The good part about ATN is that the tubes DO have the ability to regenerate and replace themselves. It can take 21 days to a couple years for it them to recover, but it CAN happen. His doctor gave him an 80% chance.

He got moved to a regular room, where things were a bit more quiet compared to ICU (although I did LOVE the ICU staff) and we got a bit more sleep there.

After all that mess, he had to have an Semi-Permanent Hemo Dialysis Catheter put in his chest, just below his collar bone. They clean his blood with a Dialysis machine three times a week through the tubes. When they did the surgery for the HDC, they had to intubate him, so they could do it properly. When they pulled him off the ventilator, he wasn’t breathing, so they had to re-intubate him. He had to stay on it until morning, so they put him in ICU again for the night. He was on the highest dose of Propofol, allowed for a human being and was STILL waking up through it, wanting the tube out, wanting to move his hands. I would untie him and stand there with him, making sure he wouldn’t try to reach up and pull the tube out. The nurses tried to get me to leave at different points through the night, since I hadn’t slept for shit the night before. I put it this way to one nurse: “I am not eating, shitting, pissing, drinking, sleeping or leaving his side until this god damn tube is out of him. Quit asking me to.”. They stopped bothering me about it, and started listening to me when I told them that Ativan would help more than Morphine. They took him off of the ventilator after 16 hours, around 9am the next morning.

It took another few days for him to be discharged, as they wanted to make sure the HDC would work properly before they could let him go anywhere. He was discharged on April 4th.

He started outpatient Dialysis a few days later, and I have taken him every time so far.

Right now, it isn’t putting out the pressure it needs to put out to clean his blood properly so they are talking about replacing it, or putting in a fistula and just removing the HD catheter all together.

So far, the whole thing has flipped our lives upside-down. Our schedules went from being care-free and open, do wtf you want when you want, to scheduling things around Dialysis and mealtimes. Our diet is 100 billion percent different. I won’t let him do it alone, so I am doing it with him. It’s all healthy food, but it’s all really good! He said he wouldn’t be able to do it without me, since he wouldn’t know half the stuff that he can’t have.. Thank god I have gliders because my ass would be just as lost, with the CA:PH ratios and what veggies and fruits have however many MGs of what in them per serving… LoL!!!!!!

Through the whole ordeal, I came home every-night to feed and check on gliders then I was right back up there. Everyone here did just fine through it all.

Speaking of everyone, the new three have gray patches growing in on their butts and sides! Yay! All three are still parasite free, and I am going to schedule neuters this week so I can get intros going. I think it will go fine, since their cages are like, half an inch apart and their is absolutely ZERO fighting through the bars. I am very excited!

A friend of ours from the glider boards came into town to visit her mom for four days, and ended up getting a really epic badass tattoo done by my main squeeze! So awesome!!!! It came out so epic! I almost have to be jealous!!!! LOL!!!!

Aimee's Sugar Glider Tattoo by Sal Franco

Alright, that is all for me right now…. LoL… Eventful, eh? Hopefully, the next post will be better in spirits!!

Happy Gliding!!!


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Lyric, Muse & Rhyme

If you read my last entry, you will see that I have 3 new gliders.



Monday’s checkup was moved to Saturday because Muse had a seizure after I clipped her nails Friday night. She was doing just fine, and all of a sudden, seized up. It was already 4am so figuring she’s probably had these for a while now, it will be okay to wait. My weekend vet opens at 7am anyways.

I took them in and out of all three, Muse is the worst. Her bone density is very, very low, she has a UTI and when you couple that with seizures, things get heavy.

During the Exam Rhyme (single guy) had a seizure, too.

My vet is leaning towards their seizures being from such long, bad, unbalanced food. Their vitamins are really low, and he thinks once they get over this, they’ll be okay. For now, they are all on meds to treat the seizures, she is on one for her UTI, and they have to have baths to get some of this yuckiness out of their fur. Their version of a bath will be with warm water and a toothbrush, followed by a dry washrag.

As for personalities, Lyric and Muse are incredibly friendly. They are willing to come out in the cage, smell my hands and be pet. I have already succeeded in picking Lyric up out of the bowl his worms were in, and placing him back in the cage. He thought laying down in there while he ate, was a good way to eat. Muse isn’t quite as outgoing as Lyric, and tends to stay back a tad. I can put my hand in their bag with minimal fuss, as long as they know I am there, and smell my hand first.

Rhyme isn’t too outgoing, but just tonight, was willing to give my hand a first time sniff. Instead of lunging at it, telling it “I said no!”, he decided to greet it with a cold nose, and run to the other side of the cage….lol…progress….

All three of them are very excited about all of the new toys, and constantly check and explore each toy like it was just put in there 5 seconds ago. They all have simple toy bins for now, since they are in quarantine, and I need like things to be easy to clean until we know 100% they are clean, and can have the fancy stuff.

They aren’t too sure about the stealth wheel. They look at it, smell it, get in it and hop out. For now, they have to be in smaller cages, which don’t accommodate regular wheels. They’ll have wodents in a few days, which will be modified for them to get in and out of easily. Until then, play time is in the tent (glad I kept my Q tent when I got rid of my spare rescue stuff a while back) for a couple hours a night.

I swapped them to sleeping pouches the first night they got here. They absolutely love the sleeping pouches. Rhyme is a bit protective of his, but as I said above, I can get my hand in Lyric and Muse’s if I go a bit slow.

I’m not sure if I will try and put all three together or not. That all depends on how they act in their cages, which are placed next to each other, by my bed. So far, just sniffing and no fighting, which is great. Neuters come before intros, though. My vet wants to wait until they get a little more strength – so they are fit to be put under.

Anyways, I gotta be up early…

Happy gliding!


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Pet store gliders

Have you ever seen a glider in a pet store? Well, don’t buy it!

There is a pet store near me that I have been teeth first buried into for a year and a half now. She had her gliders in reptile display boxes every time I went in there. They had rotting food in their dish, slept in the corner on the floor, while the pouch in there (a single layer fleece pouch) hung by one tab at the top and had a hole in the bottom corner so even if they went in, good luck staying. I gave her a few of my own sleeping pouches, and hinted that they needed a new bag. I finally gave up and did things from the underside.

Today, I was driving down the road on my way home and I got a call from a woman, asking me if I could stop at that pet store – where she had a few gliders that she wanted to get rid of. I assumed (and was right) that it was the woman I had spoken to many times in the past.

I get there and she takes me to the back and explains “There are three – two are here, and one is in here… He sleeps in that tube, ya see? His mate died sometime last week and I found her in the nest box. Don’t know what she died from, she ballooned up, and I thought it would be babies but I guess not.”

I asked “How old are they?”

She responds:

“Well, I had em all the way out at the old place… ah hell, maybe eight years? Don’t remember which ones, but one pair produced a single baby. Haven’t seen any since.”

At this point, I hadn’t seen them. I was still speaking with her when a little face popped out of the nest box, to see what all the noise was about. He was discolored and had a bald spot, and was terribly unfriendly.

He went back down and crabbed, while his mate joined his crabbing, then the one in the next cage, in the tube – joined.

She tells me: “Well, I figure, they ain’t out front no more, and pretty much stay back here, eat and that’s pretty much it. They need someone to play with them, which is something I never did. I dunno, maybe you can get that little one in the tube to be nicer.”

We packed them up in my soft sided carriers, and I was on my way. In my car I could smell them, so I knew it had been a while since anyone has a clean anything.

I got them home, and had the single boy – who I have dubbed “Mr. Tube” come out of his tube so I could give him a look-over. He’s pretty orange and smelly, his tail feels really gross and dry, and his nails were so long, that I cut them right away so they wouldn’t curl anymore than they already had. His right ear is a bit messy. He doesn’t like being touched much, unless I am petting his head and the side of his face while holding his body in a pouch. So far, he doesn’t care much for any yogurt drops, dried fruit or worms.

The duo – not sure what i am going to call them – adjusted to a sleeping pouch really well. I swapped them over right away because in the corner of the nest box was a pile of poop and the whole thing smelled like urine really bad and was horribly chewed.

The little male is just like Mr. Tube, uncracked fur, but he is really yellow and smelly. On the other hand, the little female is missing most of the fur on her tail. What is there, is very very dry. Her hind quarters is missing chunks of fur and you can see where new fur is trying to grow in. What IS there – is very orange / brown.

Tonight they will start Priscilla’s and begin the road to new. Monday, vet. Let’s see how this goes!

Until next post

Happy St. Glider’s day!